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So you're ready to volunteer in your community. Great! We encourage you to read through our online resources for ideas on how to get involved and have a positive impact by helping the pro-choice movement and the many women who appreciate your support.

Some common ways to volunteer:

  • Escort at your local clinic
  • Host women who come to your community for abortion care
  • Help a local abortion fund
  • Babysit for children at your local clinic
  • Arrange a fundraiser for a clinic or local fund
  • Participate in local protests or marches
  • Offer any special skills such as computer programming or community education and outreach
  • Call your local clinic and ask if you can help

Many of these pro-choice organizations have chapters in your area that would serve as a good starting point in getting involved on the local level.


NARAL Pro-Choice America

Planned Parenthood

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

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