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MEDICAL ABORTION/Educational Resources

Our Early Options medical education series ensures that health care professionals have the resources and education they need to provide medical abortion and counsel their patients about this option. This page includes information about the training opportunities and multimedia resources that are available. Many of the materials can be downloaded for free or can be ordered online.

NAF Protocol for Mifepristone/Misoprostol in Early Abortion

In March 2013, NAF updated its Protocol for Mifepristone/Misoprostol in Early Abortion (PDF file, 54K).


Since 2000, NAF has sponsored and supported dozens of trainings where over 16,000 health care professionals have learned about the provision of medical abortion care. These trainings have included full day workshops on medical abortion or transvaginal ultrasound, lectures and panels at conferences, and specialized in-services for practices initiating or fine-tuning their medical abortion services.

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Early Options CD-ROM: Managing the Virtual Patient

This interactive CD-ROM contains 5 modules on medical abortion regimens, patient management, counseling, ultrasonography, and service delivery. It also includes case studies, interactive questions and video clips featuring expert medical abortion providers and women who have had a medical abortion. Order the Early Options CME CD-ROM

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Early Options Online CME

The first of its kind, Early Options is a web-based interactive CME program on medical abortion. Use the interactive CME program

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Early Options Self-Study Guide for Health Care Professionals

This guide features four modules, and includes case studies, diagnostic questions, and highlighted practical tips addressing topics pertinent to medical abortion. Order the Self-Study Guide

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Early Medical Abortion with Mifepristone and Other Agents: Overview and Protocol Recommendations

This document by Mitchell D. Creinin, MD, provides a detailed overview of the published literature on medical abortion through September 2002 and includes NAF's protocol recommendations for medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol and methotrexate/misoprostol. This publication is available for download (PDF file, 370K)

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Early Options Health Care Professional Education Video Series

Clinical & Administrative Issues in the Provision of Medical Abortion: 3 Videos
   - The Pharmacological Approach to Early Abortion
   - Expected Side Effects & Management of Complications in Medical Abortion
   - Beyond Drug Therapy: Practical Issues in Medical Abortion

Counseling the Medical Abortion Patient

Clinical Diagnosis of Pregnancy and the Use of Ultrasound in Medical Abortion

Order the Health Care Professional Education Video Series

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Early Options Educational Slide Program on CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains four slide modules on various topics related to medical abortion care. Compatible with PC or Mac. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or greater for PC and Microsoft Office 98 or greater for Mac. Order the slide program | Also available online

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Medical Abortion Start-Up Packet

Includes the NAF protocol for mifepristone and misoprostol, checklist for starting medical abortion services, suggested supply list, a guide for phone triage, sample letters, a guide for writing consent forms, the FDA labeling for Mifeprex™ (mifepristone) and additional FDA required documents, and other NAF medical abortion resources. Order the Medical Abortion Start-Up Packet | Many of these resources are available online

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Patient Education Resources

Includes a video and brochure for women considering or choosing medical abortion. The materials provide a balanced overview of early abortion options and inform women about what to expect during a medical abortion. Video available in English and Spanish only. Brochure available in Chinese, Croatian, English, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Order videos and brochures | Brochures in all six languages are also available online

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