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  06-22-2010 Les principaux groupes de femmes et de défense des droits reproductifs exhortent le premier ministre canadien et les dirigeants du G8 à traiter des services de planification des naissances et d’avortement lors du sommet
  06-24-2009 National Abortion Federation Releases Report on Symposium Commemorating R v. Morgentaler
  01-28-2009 Celebrating 21 Years of Legalized Abortion in Canada
  08-11-2008 New Brunswick Court Grants Morgentaler Right to Challenge Abortion Policy
  07-01-2008 NAF Member Dr. Henry Morgentaler Awarded Order of Canada
  05-27-2008 National Abortion Federation Affirms Rejection of Anti-Abortion Ads
  04-17-2008 National Abortion Federation Supports the Recommendation to Allow Plan B to be Sold Over-the-Counter in Canada
  02-26-2008 National Abortion Federation Opposes C-484
  01-28-2008 National Abortion Federation Denounces Misleading Anti-Abortion Ad Campaign in Canada
  01-25-2008 National Abortion Federation Celebrates R v. Morgentaler and 20 Years of Safe, Legal Abortion Care in Canada
  08-10-2007 National Abortion Federation Condemns Anti-Abortion Campaign
  06-25-2007 Dr. Ted Busheikin Honoured by the National Abortion Federation
  05-24-2007 Dr. Henry Morgentaler Honoured by the National Abortion Federation
  05-09-2007 National Abortion Federation Calls on Canadian Medical Association to Change their Abortion Referral Policy
  04-12-2007 Abortion Rights Groups Call on New Brunswick to Enact Security Measures to Protect Abortion Providers, Clinics, and their Patients
  11-09-2006 National Abortion Federation Launches Web Resources for French-Speaking Audience
  09-28-2006 Improving Women's Access to Reproductive Health Care in New Brunswick
06-30-2006 National Abortion Federation Denounces Failure of New Brunswick's Minister of Health to Clarify Uncertainty around Abortion Access
  06-23-2006 National Abortion Federation Urges New Brunswick's Minister of Health to Announce Plan Regarding Continued Access to Abortion Services
  05-25-2006 National Abortion Federation Responds to New Brunswick's Plan Regarding Continued Access to Abortion Services
  05-24-2006 National Abortion Federation Expresses Deep Concern for Abortion Access and Funding in New Brunswick
  05-16-2006 The National Abortion Federation Launches Canadian Public Policy and Outreach Program

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