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News about reproductive choice from the President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, Vicki Saporta. photo of Vicki Saporta
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  Remembering an American hero: George Tiller

We continue to mourn the loss of our friend and colleague, Dr. George Tiller. Dr. Tiller was a dedicated physician who provided quality abortion care to women, at great personal sacrifice and risk. He is truly a hero to his fellow abortion providers and his patients. Dr. Tiller’s office is filled with letters from women, thanking him for the excellent, compassionate care he provided. Many of these women say Dr. Tiller saved their lives.

Since his tragic death, we have received messages from some of his patients and from people around the world who are saddened and outraged. We feel it is important to share these words and tributes to our beloved colleague and friend. For the first time, we will enable comments on our blog so that all of you can share your condolences or offer memories of Dr. Tiller. We invite you to join us in honoring a true American hero, Dr. George Tiller.

Post your comments, condolences, and personal memories of Dr. Tiller

Friday, July 17, 2009

Arizona Governor Approves Abortion Restrictions

On Monday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) approved a measure establishing new mandates and restrictions on abortion in the state. One of the provisions requires that all women wait 24 hours after receiving state-mandated information to obtain abortion care. This type of biased counseling legislation is medically unnecessary and does not respect women. Abortion providers already provide women with the accurate medical information they need to make fully informed decisions.

The bill also toughens an existing parental consent law to now require minors to obtain written, notarized consent from a parent or guardian before obtaining abortion care, and allows for pharmacists and other health care professionals to refuse to distribute emergency contraception on moral or religious grounds.

Governor Brewer’s actions are in stark contrast to those of her predecessor, former Governor Janet Napolitano (D), who vetoed all legislation that would have restricted abortion during her six-year tenure as governor. Napolitano was appointed U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security in January.

>Learn more about abortion rights in the states.

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