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Special Conditions in Georgia

Patients in Georgia under the age of 18 who are not emancipated must notify one parent 24 hours before obtaining an abortion. Patients who are NOT able to notify their parent can proceed through a process known as "judicial bypass." For more information about judicial bypass in your state, contact our hotline at (800) 772-9100. In this state, women must contact and/or visit an abortion provider and then wait 24 hours before obtaining an abortion.

Provider Information

Atlanta Center for Women's Choice
Atlanta, GA
(404) 602-4495
(866) 471-3469

Atlanta Surgi-Center
Atlanta, GA
(404) 892-8608

(800) 282-1046


Atlanta Women's Medical Center
Atlanta, GA
(404) 257-0057

Dunwoody Women's Medical Group
Atlanta, GA
(770) 454-8080
(800) 586-9790

Feminist Women's Health Center
Atlanta, GA
(404) 728-7900
(800) 877-6013

Paces Women’s Medical Services, LLC
Atlanta, GA
(866) 535-1907

Summit Medical Center, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
(800) 537-2985
(800) 537-2985

A Preferred Women's Health Center, Augusta
Augusta, GA
(888) 562-7415

Columbus Women's Health
Columbus, GA
(706) 323-8363

Alpha Group Ob/Gyn
Marietta, GA
(770) 984-2934

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